Video Marketing

Simba Productions is the leading provider of video marketing services in the New York area.

We recognize the profound importance of setting yourself apart when it comes to visually engaging an audience—and we know it isn’t quite so easy to picture how your idea will translate from imagination-to-screen.

That’s why when you present us with an idea; we work both for you, and with you.

We consult with your team. We walk you through the process, so that you can easily discern what works and what doesn’t, in a timely, stress-free manner. We view our clients as creative collaborators with whom we want to foster long-lasting, synergetic relationships for years to come.

We remain available, approachable, and absorbed in each project until completed to your standards; and of course, we always work to accommodate your deadlines, schedule, budget, questions, concerns and critiques throughout.

We also offer business video production, music video production, and other video editing services. Call Simba Productions in New York, NY today for more information.


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